Any Specialty, Any City

We work in all areas of the workers compensation medical profession throughout the state of California.

Medical Billing

Work Comp Medical Services provides all Workers’ Compensation Billing, or other Forensic Billing, copying, mailing of reports & claims with proof of service to all parties including attorneys, insurance carriers and other treating physicians.  Telephonic and fax collection efforts are included in this billing service.  Second Bill Review (claims appeal)  is also included. We specialize in QME and AME billing.

Account Management

Includes all billing services (workers compensation, forensic, etc) plus referral screening, obtaining Utilization Review (UR) and adjuster authorizations, checking Medical Provider Network (MPN), appointment notification letters to patient and all referring and legal parties with request for records prior to appointment and report proof reading and editing.

For QME and AME scheduling and billing, our office prepares the QME 110 form up front and checks to make sure appropriate rules and regulations have been followed before scheduling. Our office also provides the physician with all the appropriate EAMS forms for the appointment, including the DEU 100, DEU 101, QME 111, QME 120 or QME 121 forms. We guide new physicians through the process to ensure proper payment for these extensive evaluations.


Includes: Independent Bill Review filing, lien filing, timely response to objections, filing of Petitions for Benefits, filing of  Declaration of Readiness, lien hearing representation at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB).


California Medical Bill Review Designation

Ann Richmond earned her certificate training from the California Medical Bill Review Designation. She will work closely with you to assess immediate challenges, plan long term goals and provide you the guidance you need for success.

For Details & Rates: 

For workers compensation billing and all the above services we provide a monthly Accounts Receivable Report, Billed Report and Payments Received Report and our invoice is sent to you only after you receive payment from the insurance carrier.

Work Comp Medical Services, Inc utilizes EDEX/ Compdata