Meet Our Team

Ann Richmond
Ann RichmondFounder and President of WCMS Inc.
• Started WCMS in her kitchen before cell phones and when faxes used thermal paper
• Had a prior business called A.I.R. Enterprises selling kites and Air toys
• Lived in an ashram in the ‘70’s
• Has been to Australia 5 times-loves shrimp on the barby
• Favorite San Diego Restaurant: Flemmings (need to win the Lottery to be able to go there again)
GeriCollections Supervisor
• Fond of big payments crossing her desk
• Advocate for thinking outside the box and proud of her team
• Biggest Thrill – leaping off 30 foot waterfalls
• Loves dragons and all things pumpkin
• Proud Mother of daughter pursuing a dual degree at Tufts University in Boston
• Dreams of Spring and Summer in British Columbia and loves Fall and Winter in San Diego
• Favorite San Diego Restaurant: Maritzu’s Mexican
RivaCollections Representative and Lien Queen
• Proud Mother of two sons
• Loves the beautiful views from her little country house
• Has a crazy cat that can turn on the TV
• Favorite past-time – going to the Farmers Market for Green Fix and Bitchin’ Sauce
• Favorite San Diego Restaurant: Arrivaderci’s
Seraiah James
Seraiah JamesCollection Representative
• I read romance novels as frequently as I read the Bible.
• I can watch Alfred Hitchcock movies all day.
• Best pick up line: Any line from the “Desiderata”
• Mom of one awesome 11-year-old
• Fav SD spot: A tie between my kitchen and Island Spice restaurant
LetyReferral Coordinator
• Loves being married to her husband of 22 years, a mother to three young adults, and her Lynx Point Siamese cat.
• Hopes to walk the “Red Carpet” one day with her youngest son who is an inspiring actor.
• Loves nature walks and roller skating, and dancing the night away
• Truly enjoys road trips, amusement parks and riding rollercoasters
• Favorite San Diego Restaurant: Rockin’ Baja Lobster
Jocelyn GonzalezBiller
Jazmyn FranklinPayments