2019 Psychological Testing Codes

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2019 Psychological Testing Codes April 11, 2019 Perspective by Ann Richmond   As most psychologists and some psychiatrists know by now CPT coding has changed for psychological testing as of 1/1/19.  Instead of one code for psychological testing there are now four.  Instead of two codes for neuropsychological testing there are now four. Essentially the [...]

California Workers Compensation Fee Schedule as of 3/1/15

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As of March 1, 2015 fees for certain workers compensation services have increased along with Medicare fee changes. Below is a chart which shows some common codes and the 2014 fees vs. the 3/1/15 fees for California Workers Compensation.

Medicare Based Fee Schedule for Treating Physicians in Workers Compensation

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As you are all most likely aware as of 1/1/14 the State adopted the Medicare based fee schedule for treating physicians involved in the care of injured workers. Part of that fee schedule excludes payment for review of records (99358) and reports. (99358 is status B in Medicare which means that the fee is bundled into the Evaluation and Management code and is not separately payable.)

SB 863 Changes to Labor Code 4616 Regarding Medical Provider Network (MPN)

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Senate Bill 863 made changes to rules surrounding Medical Provider Networks (MPN). I just want to point out a few changes that will affect most providers. The Labor Code is changed to say that starting on January 1, 2014 a treating physician shall be included in the network only if, at the time of entering into or renewing an agreement by which the physician would be in the network, the physician’s office provides a separate written acknowledgment in which the physician affirmatively elects to be a member of the network. Therefore, it is extremely important for physicians to be on the lookout for letters from MPN’s soliciting this acknowledgment. Read them and sign them and send them in.

Billing Disputes Post SB863 / IBR Adventures

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Prior to Senate Bill 863 Medical Providers could file liens on unresolved billing disputes. If the carrier’s bill review company did not pay appropriately most providers would send a letter to the bill review company or the adjuster making a case as to why they thought they should be paid differently. If that approach was not successful, most providers would just file a lien with the WCAB.