Work Comp Medical Services provides all Workers’ Compensation Billing, or other Forensic Billing, copying, mailing of reports & claims with proof of service to all parties including attorneys, insurance carriers and other treating physicians.  Telephonic and fax collection efforts are included in this billing service.  Second Bill Review (claims appeal)  is also included. We specialize in QME and AME billing.

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Account Management

Includes all billing services (workers compensation billing, forensic billing, etc) plus referral screening, obtaining Utilization Review (UR) and adjuster authorizations, checking Medical Provider Network (MPN), appointment notification letters to patient and all referring and legal parties with request for records prior to appointment and report proof reading and editing.

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Collections Plus

Includes: Independent Bill Review filing, lien filing, timely response to objections, filing of Petitions for Benefits, filing of  Declaration of Readiness, lien hearing representation at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB).

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Ann Richmond earned her certificate training from the California Medical Bill Review Designation. She will work closely with you to assess immediate challenges, plan long term goals and provide you the guidance you need for success.

California Medical Bill Review Designation

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Work Comp Medical Team

We invite your referrals for QME’S, AME’s, consults or treatment. Our comprehensive and professional service is inclusive of gathering and communicating all details that go into scheduling workers compensation patients.

Our staff will:

  • Seek authorization through Utilization Review (UR) Services
  • Send appointment letters
  • Request appropriate records

Latest From The Workers Compensation Billing Blog

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Medicare Based Fee Schedule for Treating Physicians in Workers Compensation


As you are all most likely aware as of 1/1/14 the State adopted the Medicare based fee schedule for treating physicians involved in the care of injured workers. Part of that fee schedule excludes payment for review of records (99358) and reports. (99358 is status B in Medicare which means that the fee is bundled into the Evaluation and Management code and is not separately payable.)

  • SB-863-changes

SB 863 Changes to Labor Code 4616 Regarding Medical Provider Network (MPN)


Senate Bill 863 made changes to rules surrounding Medical Provider Networks (MPN). I just want to point out a few changes that will affect most providers. The Labor Code is changed to say that starting on January 1, 2014 a treating physician shall be included in the network only if, at the time of entering into or renewing an agreement by which the physician would be in the network, the physician’s office provides a separate written acknowledgment in which the physician affirmatively elects to be a member of the network. Therefore, it is extremely important for physicians to be on the lookout for letters from MPN’s soliciting this acknowledgment. Read them and sign them and send them in.

What Client’s Say

The WCMS team is highly efficient, energetic, and extremely knowledgeable about the every changing workers compensation system. It is a pleasure working with everyone on staff and I don’t where I would be without Ann Richmond’s guidance. 
Justin LaPilusa, Psy.D.
WCMS has collected several hundred thousand dollars in both aging and current AR for my company. I would not have survived SB899 without them.
Glenn Nusbaum, DC QME
It has been a pleasure working with the friendly, knowledgeable, responsible staff at Work Comp Medical Services for the past 10 years. Whether it is screening referrals, sending reports out, or collecting on bills, I have full confidence in their ability to get the job done.
Miguel Alvarez, PhD, QME
WCMS was highly recommended to me by a colleague as the “best” in doing workers’ comp billing and referral work. In addition to doing excellent and consistently high-quality work, they have helped to improve report writing and keeping me abreast on changes in the field.
Jon Noordeloos, PsyD
Working with Ann and her team has been a true pleasure. They have taken very good care of me, they have always been prepared and thorough, and I know that they watch out for my long-term interests first. I couldn’t do it without them!
Michael Takamura, MD, QME
Since I began using WCMS to do my booking and collecting, my income has increased dramatically. Ann has taught me about the workers’ comp system and report writing and I consider her the “go-to” person if I have a question about a law or procedure to follow. Her staff is excellent, helpful and friendly. They really are my office staff when it comes to workers’ compensation.
Louis Fontana, MD, QME
I have been impressed with the level of professionalism and knowledge demonstrated in all aspects of workers’ compensation issues. Particularly, I found Ann’s input while editing my reports to be educational, extremely helpful, even priceless. She and her staff helped me increase my caseload and I believe contributed to my success and good reputation.
Haim Belzer, PhD, QME
Being self employed in a private practice, it brings me extraordinary comfort to know that all my Workers’ Comp and billing issues are being thoroughly taken care of by WCMS.
Sara Ray, PsyD